Product Cleaning Service

The range of services provided by us includes private Cleaning . A clean house not only depends upon clean furniture, utensils and the walls, the carpet, and the floor must be properly clean as well. An unclean domestic carpet is home to various diseases and health complications, especially when you have kids in the house. Not only the carpets but the upholstery of your house must also be cleaned and maintained to a high standard. Our domestic cleaning services are aimed at thoroughly cleaning the total carpeted area of your house. The various carpeted area of a domestic place includes lounge carpets, hall/stairs/landing carpets, Kitchens, Bedrooms and Dining Rooms carpet and more. The upholstery service can be done on various types of furniture like the bed, chairs, and recliners. Our cleaning services include every portion of your house mentioned. We customise our cleaning services according to the requirements of the client and the property which needs to be cleaned. Each and every property has its own type of carpeting; therefore our cleaning process is also tailored according to that.

The various categories in our products/services include:

  • Complete 2 bed town house
  • Complete 3 bed terrace or semi
  • Complete 3 and 4 bed det
  • Lounge carpets
  • Hall/Stairs/Landing
  • Kitchens, Bedrooms and Dining Rooms
  • Rugs
  • 3 piece suite/LEATHER & FABRIC
  • Single suite chairs inc ELECTRIC RECLINERS
  • Dining chairs
  • Single and double mattress